Why Is Usability Important?

Isn't the Web Usable Enough?

No. Internet Users spend very little time on a website to find out how it works. If they can't find the information they want within a very short timespan, they press the "button of death" - they go back, where they came from and don't come back.

Every site owner should have a strong interest in providing an efficient and easy interaction. Interesting content alone is often not sufficient to make a customer come back to a site.

Today usability is an important criteria of quality of a product. It is obvious that the user (and not the system) should be the center of any technology. Therefore users should not be forced to adapt to a certain system, but the system design should meet the user's requirements.

In the internet a wide range of different customers visit sites. Users get frustrated quickly if a site doesn't work the way they expected - and your competitors are just a mouse click away.

Therefore the quality of an information system is extremely important and user interface design should not happen "randomly".

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