Benefits of Our System

The eye tracking technology we use has many benefits compared to convetional systems.

Eye Tracking Vorteile

A test person does not get distracted as the eye tracking system is contactless. The test subjects do not need to wear a camera helmet, as with many other system, they can operate without any disturbance.

Our system can be configured for various displays, like monitors, TVs and beamers.

Eye tracking with our eye tracking glasses

mobiles eyetracking

Additionally to our contactless systems, we are using eye tracking glasses. They are highly flexible and especially suited for testing and analysing of:

  • Mobile applications
  • Ticket mashines (parking, ...)
  • Printed user guides
  • Print media
  • Shelf tests

Quick and reliable calibration

mobiles testen

The required calibration takes less than 10 seconds with our modern eyetracking system.

High accuracy and stability

The eye tracking systems records both eyes. In this way a high stability and quality of the records is guaranteed.

Adjustable data visualisation

The data visualisation can be adjusted subsequently. Further information can be found on evaluation methods

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