Prototyping LoFi & HiFi

Prototyping LoFi & HiFi

Prototyping is an essential part of the evolution of each high-quality product. Prototypes represent the transition of the idea into the finished product.

We create for you a GUI prototype of your application. By empirical user testing the prototype will be tested in regard to its quality and accuracy. Therefore, prototypes help to reduce the development time of a product and help to detect and eliminate possible early design errors.

Prototyping helps to answer the following questions:

  • how will users and stake­holders react on the design?
  • are the users going to understand the concept ideas?
  • will the design work correctly? Are the users able to reach their goals?

How can we support you in prototyping?

  • we design prototypes for your application.
  • we test your or our designed prototypes and develop high quality end - products.

In early phases of the project, we operate with low-fidelity prototypes which are quick to realize. Depending on the degree of detailing it is realized as

  • scribbles
  • mockups - blueprints - wireframes
  • paper prototypes

In later phases, we work with interactive, high-fidelity prototypes, which

  • are created with special prototyping tools or development environments
  • are realized as functional or partially functional prototypes.

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