User Interface Design

User Interface Design

To the user, the interface IS the system

Each product is only as good as its user interface. An intuitive, clear user interface is the basis for success!

Professional design is nowadays a must for any user interface. Modern and aesthetic design increases the user's confidence in the application and creates an optimal user experience.

We support you in designing user interfaces.

We determine with you:

  • which window management is best.
  • which masks are needed for each workflow.
  • which GUI elements will be used.
  • how individual interaction patterns look.
  • which graphics you need.
  • what help texts are needed and how they have to be formulated.

Results of our work:

  • definition of all mask sequences (flow logic).
  • exact design of masks.
  • definition of learn and support systems. help texts.
  • definition of the GUI elements.
  • wording of menus and dialogs.
  • icons, graphics, graphic layout.

The result can additionally be edited into a styleguide.

Application areas of our work:

  • internet, web applications
  • intranet, extranet
  • software
  • games
  • mobile applications: smartphone, pda
  • kiosk systems, machines
  • industrial applications
  • control systems

We're here for you!

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