"Too many cooks spoil the broth!"
This also applies to web- and software development. To make your product affect flawless you will benefit from a Usability Styleguide.

Styleguides define the user interface components of an application. Part of the content is:

  • the basic application structure,
  • the layout,
  • the navigation,
  • the definition of patterns / sequences,
  • guidelines for the use of individual components such as buttons or text boxes.

Our Styleguides contain specific design recommendations and incorporate international standards.

Styleguide development does not mean the description of an actual state, but of an improved target state for the user interface.

Examples of questions a style guide should be able to answer

  • Which GUI elements should a software application include?
  • When should which GUI element be used?
  • Which standard sequences (patterns), and interaction scenarios are used? What do they look like?
  • What are the guidelines for selections?
  • What style should tables have?
  • What rules for HTML-Tags are specified in the stylesheet?
  • In which form will graphical elements be used (size, alignment, ALT etc.)?

Types of Styleguides

  • Styleguide for Client/Server and Windows-applications
  • Styleguide for a certaqin website
  • Styleguide as a manual for all sites your company develops
  • Styleguide for your intranet
  • Styleguide for weblications (web-applications)
  • Styleguide for browser-based applications on the intranet
  • Styleguide for mobile applications
  • Accessibility guidelines collection

The procedure

The procedure is customized to your project and budget adjusted.
Typical steps are:

  • Analysis phase: Getting to know your project situation, the expectations of users, company strategies and, where possible, existing systems
  • Development of typical examples
  • Workshops
  • Defining and writing down standards
  • Styleguide-trainings

Results of a Styleguide project:

  • Styleguide-document (text)
  • Styleguide-online-document incl. appropriate stylesheets (CSS)
  • Collection of examples for better illustration
  • Styleguide-Poster: the most important graphical Styleguide components at a glance
  • Styleguide-training for developers

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