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Personas describe prototypes with user-specific character properties and behaviors.

Both in the planning phase as well as in the analysis phase it makes sense to describe the typical, potential user. By Personas, virtual prototypes for the most important and typical users are created.

The description of the Personas is very specific: They include name, age, origin, occupation, hobbies, optionally an image and of course all product-related personality characteristics.

Advantages of Personas

  • Personas allow all persons involved into a project to speak about concrete users. Together with Use Cases Personas enable an effective communication of the whole development team. Developers are enabled to put themselves in the end-users place.
  • Personas are prototypes of user groups. Due to the reduction to a few Personas, hypotheses about how real users will behave, can be verified much more efficiently.
  • With the help of Personas, developers can verify whether potential users can cope with specific tasks or not.

Conditions for the creation of Personas are, that there are as exact informations as possible about the end users available.

Our services

  • We collect the base data for the creation of Personas: e.g. Interviews in contect, e.g. at work, Online-Surveys, Group Discussions.
  • Identification and description of users as Personas
  • Combination of Personas and Use Cases

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